Nero and The Fall of Lehman Brothers (2016)

The unprecedented financial collapse of 2008, set amidst scheming trading floors of Wall Street and the forces of gods and love of imperial ancient Rome, are cast in a dynamic and beautiful musical landscape.

Constructed entirely from libretto fragments of a lost Handel opera and actual commentary surrounding the 2008 financial crisis, this new work forges an entirely new narrative.  From a Wall Street Trading floor, a New York City strip club, the Senate floor, to the heavens of the gods, the story culminates in a surreal domain of the underworld. 

Commissioned by The Italian Academy of Columbia University.  Premiere December 2016 at the Teatro Theatre, Italian Academy.



  • Nero ~Baritone
  • Poppea ~Soprano
  • Agrippina ~Mezzo-soprano
  • Senica ~Baritone
  • Secondary Roles
  • Mercury ~Countertenor
  • Mars ~Tenor
  • Chorus of Bankers  ~Tenor/Baritone/Bass Baritone
  • Dancers  ~3-6 female dancers


Picc/Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Tpt, Tbn, Tuba, Hrp, Pno, Timp, Strings

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