Being Ariodante (2022)

Set in modern-day Glasgow, this dramatic fast-paced story follows Ariodante, a young man who, beyond his control, is living the life of a character in Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, a work written 500 years ago. Living an existence of remarkable predictability, Ariodante searches for release from his pre- plotted life. He is aided and supported by his Deaf brother, Lurcanio, whose abilities in sign language help our accidental hero navigate the twists and betrayals that have led him into peril. In the end, he and his friends find meaning and purpose by realizing their true identity and in doing so create their own life’s story. 

“If you knew ASL, you could hear him clearly. If you didn't, you were deaf. The tables were turned. And it was one of the most effective and beautiful endings to an opera I've ever seen” 
Rick Whitaker ~Concerts and Theater Manager, The Italian Academy of Columbia University


May 13/14 2022  7:30PM

Italian Academy of Columbia University

New York City

Bryce McClendon  ARIODANTE

Sydney Anderson DALINDA

Richard Pittsinger POLINESSO

Cree Carrico GINEVRA

Dickie Hearts LURCANIO

Vako Gvelesiani RINALDO

Chris Burns &

Gil Sweney THE THUGS

Ensemble Échappé

Benjamin Grow, Conducting

Directed by Mari Moriarty

Karina Parker, Associate Director

Laura Dearman, Choreography

Ciera Miller, Production Stage Manager

Shelly Guy DASL (Director of Artistic Sign Language 

Shira Harris, Lighting

Beverly Brooks, Production Assistant 

Rick Whitaker, Associate Producer

(Photo: Ronald Andrew Schvartzman)