Armide (2009)

Set in the year 2019, ARMIDE predicts a dynamic drama cast in post-war Iraq.  In a transformed political and social landscape, a fragile co-existence exits between an integrated American presence and the Iraqi people.  While an autonomous Iraqi governing body rules, a parallel political power, the InnerAmerican Republic, works along side in an uneasy alliance.

Beset with their own growing tensions between the homeland United States government and an American body increasingly native to Iraqi culture, it has developed its own autonomy not unlike the situation during the first and second Crusades when Templar Knights of Western Europe, for almost three generations, lived in an uneasy peace amidst people of the Middle East, separate from their original homeland.  At the time of the opera’s opening, Renaud, the military commander and undisputed leader of the InnerAmerican Republic has called for greater independence from the United States.

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