Der Mann im Mond

Der Mann im Mond from Kaléko Nachtlieder

Der Mann im Mond

Der Mann im Mond from 'Kaléko Nachtlied'

Sharon Harms, Soprano  Joan Forsyth, Piano William Anderson, Guitar

'For generations, many of New York’s most creative people have lived, worked, and played in Greenwich Village: some briefly, like Robert Frost, others for their entire lives. Village Voices pairs their words with music, adding another dimension to the work of these innovative thinkers and experimenters.'

Performers: Adriana Valdez, Sharon Harms – sopranos; Cathy Kautsky and Joan Forsyth, piano;
Village Guitar Orchestra

Composers: Henry Cowell, John Cage, Margaret Bonds, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Tania Leon, William Anderson, Jonathan Dawe, Gavin Cappon, Christine Donkin

Poets: Edna St Vincent Millay, Djuna Barnes, Robert Frost, James Baldwin, and Willer Cather