Some Call it Home

“This combination of spectacular music, extraordinary video, and compelling performances is unique. It promises to be an unforgettable evening that is intense, thoughtful, beautiful, and uplifting.” The University’s Music Director, Robert Taub, has commissioned two internationally recognised composers to write the musical score: Jonathan Dawe (NYC) and Jane O’Leary, a direct descendant of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren. An ensemble comprised of musicians from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Grammy-nominated baritone Randall Scarlata, and Grammy Award winner English soprano Deborah York will bring this scintillating musical drama to life.

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Mirror in My Mind

Rubi Tuesday, Soprano; Xochitle Hernandez, Mezzo-Soprano; Christian Stendel, Piano; Dancers from California State University; Choreography by Paula Thomson; Directed by Maurice Godin.

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Nero and The Fall of Lehman Brothers/Montreal

June 14/15/16/17 2018 Set a few days before the crash of one of the most important investment banks on Wall Street, Jonathan Dawe’s Nero and The Fall of Lehman Brothers draws on baroque opera rhetoric to tell this key chapter of the last great financial crisis. Attiring the protagonists of these events with the antique masks of Nero, Seneca, Agrippina, and Poppea, Dawe creates a terrifically chaotic universe through which the tragedy of transaction and the game of high-finance power are revealed.

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Cast NERO: Paul LaRosa POPPEA: Zulimar López-Hernández SENECA: Timothy McDevitt AGRIPPINA: Ariana Chris TRADERS: David Davani, Andrew Dwan, Brian Jeffers and Derek Lee Ragin as MERCURY Dancers Laura Careless, Angela Cascone, Chanel Dasilva Laura Careless, choreographer Music Ensemble ENSEMBLE ÉCHAPPÉ Jocelin Pan and Nina Young, Directors Benjamin Grow, Conductor Stage Direction by Alastair Boag Photo credit: Ronald Andrew Schvarztman

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