Piercing are the Darts: Early Twenty-First Century Chamber Works

From the liner notes:

Within the creative world of Jonathan Dawe, early music has continued to have a profound influence. His preoccupation with this source material has led him to idiosyncratic methods of transformation of musical materials using ideas from fractal geometry. The music as a result has a distinctive sound, one in which echoes of the past, familiar in its style if not in its details, and is transmogrified into a language of the present.  Dawe employs fractal models in transforming the appropriated musical figures in several dimensions; some of the results are readily audible. Some transformations take place on a deeper or more far-reaching level that may determine large-scale structure for the piece, which results in a sense of cohesion and directedness. The vibrant integration of these various elements, employed in the service of musical expression, has resulted in a body of work immediately communicative but ever open to the possibility of new discoveries.  

Robert Kirzinger
Boston Symphony Orchestra Staff Writer